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Nobody wants to see an out dated generic brand. It puts off your potential clients and you end up looking like a starter entrepreneur who is still doing the DIY route.

Trust me, you don’t want that!

Especially when you have big dreams of raising your prices, living a life of freedom while sharing your unique gifts to your tribe who are waiting for you.

You know in your heart that you are ready for your online branding to match the business you’ve been creating in your mind.

You might be feeling overwhelmed, stuck and frustrated on how to bring your vision to life but don’t know where to start.

Who has months to wait before getting the perfect branding + website created while you end up losing valuable time and awesome high paying clients in the process?

Wouldn’t it be great to finally work with someone you trust, who can extract your magic, who finally gets you and steers you in the right direction?

Someone who can mentor you through the process step by step and give you expert advice on what you need to do, so you can relax and focus on what YOU are good at.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone create your perfect branding + website + business strategy mentoring - all within 5 weeks?

Impossible.. maybe not?

its time you stopped working

so hard and getting nowhere

its time you stopped working so hard and getting nowhere

Your brand is how the world sees you. It’s the reason your ideal client connects to you over your website. It’s the feeling your potential clients get when they come into contact with your brand online.

You know that it is vitally important to get the right look+ feel to get the maximum impact. You know that in order to grow your personal brand, you need to be visible and be seen as an expert in your field, but how do you do that? You know you need more than just a logo + web site, you need an intuitive designer to mentor you through the process quickly and effectively.

Don’t worry, help is finally here!

Think about it…

Do you know the full thought process, strategy and creativity behind putting together an expert brand image that help people decide whether or not they would want to work with you?

Of course not...because you are really good working in your zone of genius – which is not branding (but it is mine!).

You know you are ready for a quality brand that gives you the edge over your competitors!

You are ready to stand in your power.

Let’s do this!

be so good that they can’t ignore you

If you are ready to commit to stepping up your game BIG TIME then this all inclusive package will guarantee to get you where you want to be.

Welcome to BrandNewYou

BrandNewYou is an all inclusive brand coaching + brand design package I created with you in mind.

I know you want more than just a logo and a web site – you want someone who can uncover your brand story, someone who knows how you can connect to your clients, someone to walk you through the process and most of all, someone who understands you.

Unlike other designers, I take the time uncover your purpose + your vision before I start designing your authentic brand, so you gain more credibility, increase your prices, attract dream clients and have more freedom in your life.

Yes, you CAN have it all - a terrific boss lady, an awesome partner, great mom with time for yourself.

Other women in your industry are doing this, so why can’t you?

It all comes down to quality branding – you have got to look the part of an expert in your industy in order to get noticed above your competitors.

If you are ready to create a business and lifestyle that you know is possible, then BrandNewYou is just what you have been waiting for.

Let’s get this party started!

new brand + ideal lifestyle = freedom


When I met Carol, she saw the vision I had for myself and the clients I wanted to reach, and enhanced it with her genius and expertise. She created a design that fits my soul and is calling in those who are here to form a sacred partnership with me in their own journey to their greatest life experience. I am grateful that Carol’s work is efficiently executed to create an absolutely stunning outcome.


Jodie Rodenbaugh

mom to 3 girls, partner to Matthew, business + love coach

I am Carol Hampshire

I design and build beautiful brands and websites for coaches and creatives who want to grow their business.

I've been running my own design business for 20 years and a coach for the last 10 years.

I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, in Knysna, South Africa.

In 2015 I experienced burnout after driving myself so hard, taking on too much and having no focus. It took a week away from my desk on a sailing trip to Turkey to make me realize how much life I'm missing out and how I needed to create a business around my lifestyle, not the other way around. This is my passion and I want to share it with the world.

I love all things ocean related (as you can see from the images here - sorry, not sorry). I am also a cold water open water swimmer and last year I completed the grueling 8km swim from Robben Island in Cape Town South Africa. Yes there are sharks and millions of jelly fish in this area – this event is rated the 3rd hardest swim in the southern hemisphere.

I completed this because of this inspiring quote:

“It always seems impossible until it is done”

by Nelson Mandela

It’s taken me 20 years to get to this empowered place in my life + business and now I’m sharing everything I’ve learned with you.

Carol xox

hey there!


Carol listened to my big vision and all my ideas and was able to somehow magically transform them into graphic form. She was really able to understand and relate to my broader vision for my business, which allowed her to create a more meaningful, relevant design to represent my work. The logo perfectly represents my business!


Jessie Harrold

mom to 2, wife, women’s wellness coach


 To get this kind of support you would need to source and hire a business mentor + a designer + a programmer – here you have the opportunity to work with just one person to get your business to the next level. 

Hiring 3 different experts in their field of expertise will end up costing you about 3 times the amount and taking about 10 times as long, making this package incredible value for the high level of expertise, resources, mentoring, strategy and personalized support you get. I take the time to thoroughly understand your business to make sure that your website + brand speaks to your ideal target market and represents you 100%

In my experience, growing your business goes hand in hand with personal growth.

By combining design + business mentoring, you have the opportunity to grow your business successfully + quickly.

At the end of the 5 weeks, your logo and branding will be authentic and you’ll have a site that’s gorgeous, user-friendly and mobile responsive – geared to build your “know, like and trust” and put you on the map as an expert.

My BFF development pro will set up your mailing list linked to your email opt-in, security and Google analytics set up. You will have EVERYTHING you need to build your email list, market your business and get more sales.

You will gain a powerful manifesting mindset, a new outlook on life/business balance and be the envy of all the other boss ladies out there.

So I have to ask you…

Are you ready to take this leap and create a brand that describes your purpose and represents what you stand for?

Are you ready to attract high-end clients from all over the world who pay you the big bucks and make your business a joy?

Are you ready to work with an inspiring and intuitive designer + coach with over 20 years’ experience?

Its time to reach for the big time!


I now have a logo, gorgeous and fuctional website and sales pages that convert. Carol brough my vision to life with such love and care - like it was her own brand. I can't thank her enough for taking my long delayed hopes and dreams and bringing them to quick reality.  


Tracey Bethune

mom to 2, , wellness and lifestyle transformational coach

the BrandNewYou package includes:






  • $3940

What you get :


4 logo design concepts + 4 sets of revisions + final artwork
5 page web design + 4 sets of revisions per page



Setup BeaverBuild WordPress Website
Fully mobile-responsive theme
Site customization using the logo, colors, fonts & images you provide
Up to 5 pages formatted using design best practices
Up to 5 blog posts with featured images formatted
Security & basic SEO
Social profile integration
Opt-in form on website
Contact form


Week #1
1 hour brand coaching
We delve deep into your “why”, your core purpose and what you have to offer that is unique to this world as this is the basis of every strong brand. We get clear on your authentic voice and core message. We get clear on your ideal target market, their pain points and how to position yourself so that your future clients are magically attracted to your brand. We also go into your vision for the future, your financial, lifestyle and business goals. You set up some goals for yourself that are inspiring and motivational.

Week #2
We go over your brand board + logo concepts and discover which direction you want to go in that best captures your essence. I assist with your tagline if required. We go over the objectives of the home page design and outline the page layout so you get maximum results. We go over your offerings and freebie/s that will fill up your mailing list with passionate clients and fans.

Week #3
We go over the home page design and make any tweaks. I assist you with the rest of your sub-pages so that your branding and message flows and potential clients are ready to take action. We talk about the importance of your social media presence and how to get visible in a natural and authentic way so your clients come to you.

Week #4
We finalize your website sub-pages and send the designs to my BFF developer. We go over the best options to launch your website with maximum impact. Let’s get excitement around your website so you have a consistent growing mailing list, your Facebook page/group is active and you are booked up with amazing high paying clients.

Week #5
With a brand to match your vision and lifestyle, you can now turn your attention to dreaming up bigger goals for more impact and even more service to others. We start talking about your future plans, perhaps a landing page for a great new program, or how about that e-course you have been thinking about?


You get everything in 5 weeks with an investment of $3940

This package has been so popular since it launched that I only take a limited amount of clients per month as I want to give you and your brand my undivided attention.

*only 3 spots available per month *

sound good?

I would love to turn your dream into reality

let's chat

If you want to STOP playing small in the online world and start stepping up as the big-time boss lady you know you can be, then this package is for you.

Don’t delay - book a time to chat with me over Skype.


I will provide you with a brand refresh and website that is beautiful, that attracts your clients, that is aimed at getting lead and WILL grow your business.

I will help get your vision crystal clear so that it leaves you inspired, touched and motivated.

I will help you focus on your zone of genius, help you get into action and be accountable.

I can’t wait to start working with you


Carol is a knowledgeable and talented designer, she provides clear examples of options, next steps, her defined deliverables and has a great attitude and energy to boot! She immediately had deep empathy and insight for our target audience, and the emotional tone we wanted to achieve.


Deborah & Wendy



Ashley Alderson

mom to 3, wife and founder of The Boutique Hub

My brand felt so scattered. I needed a way to bring it's unique pieces back to one central vision. Carol did an excellent job hearing my needs in and quickly and clearly creating a vision for them.  She was a pleasure to work with, and I'm so thankful that she 'got it'!